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Lauren Chisholm brings her DISTINCTIVE AESTHETIC to precious metals and gemstones offering a modern chic, innovative LINE of FINE ART JEWELRY.  The distinguishing elements in her design series are REVEALED IN THE DETAILS, exhibiting clean lines, SCALE and her designer's mark, notably Lauren's contrasting 18k gold ball intently incorporated in the design of each piece. This unique detail is both a subtle sculptural element as well as a brand identifier.  Lauren creates all her pieces to reflect their fine art origins – to be collected and added to over time.  Her large scale pendants are  fashioned to be interchangeable with her hand-sculpted neckring and chains, each expressing a unique statement to suit the wearer’s pleasure.

Informed by a fascination in SIMPLE LINE, Lauren's  WEARABLE  SCULPTURES  are clearly influenced by the Mid-Century Modernists as well as the artistry of the Wearable Art Movement melding organic elements into harmonized form.  Her inspirations include SYMBOLIC FORMS, architecture, PLAYFUL GEOMETRY, and diverse cultures. 

Lauren's process begins with VISUALIZING an exquisite design, then rendering a full size sketch. SCALE, STYLE and  PROPORTION  illuminate her compositions. With her drawings and ideas as a guide, Lauren creates and finishes by hand most of her original designs.  These tactile practices from drawing to constructing to finishing the metals are all integral parts of her technique.

Lauren Chisholm designs are individually made in America, most recreated using the same hand made techniques Lauren sets forth. As the integrity of each design remains intact, one can enjoy the unique aspects which identify a quality work created by hand. Each piece of fine art jewelry is packaged in a white box hand signed by untitled-3.jpg.